The Power Income Fund is based on a proprietary trading model constructed to move investments from high yield bond funds to cash (money market funds) to attempt to minimize losses during a downturn and maximize gains during upturns. The fund may also attempt to hedge losses by investing in inverse mutual funds or short selling ETFs. Because the portfolio has the ability to nimbly step out of the high yield bond market when a correction seems likely, we believe it has the potential to out-perform most buy and hold bond fund strategies. When you invest your assets in a stable price-per-share money market fund, your liquidity may be enhanced during significant market declines. This could help you reduce losses and provide for the next buying opportunity.

The Power Income Fund is now available as a VIT. Click here for more information.

Why Us?

Clients are looking for answers today and Financial Advisors are searching for solutions. The Power Income Fund is an appropriate choice for investors who may need to access their funds within the next six to 24 months and anyone whose primary goal is preservation of capital or looking for an alternative to the stock market.

We are all familiar with the classic tale of the race between the tortoise and the hare. In the end, “slow and steady wins the race.” Investors are increasingly unwilling to take the downside volatility the stock market has experienced over the past decade. Many investors are relying on investment managers to take action and protect them when the market declines.

In addition, investors are seeking consistency in their performance (the ride along the way) and ultimately they will be turning to an advisor to provide “bottom line performance” and help them win the race and achieve their investment objectives.

Who We Are

At W. E. Donoghue & Co., Inc., we use proprietary models to identify and follow market trends. Our objective is to be in the high yield market for 75-80% of an uptrend and out of the high yield market for 75-80% of a downtrend. We monitor conditions daily and identify trends where possible. Our job is to guide you utilizing our experience and the market’s actual performance. We do not attempt to predict trends. In fact, we believe that trends cannot be predicted consistently over time which is why we follow the existing trend.

Please consider W.E. Donoghue & Co., Inc.’s proactively managed Power Income Fund for the fixed income allocation to your overall portfolio or as an alternative to the volatile stock market.

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